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couple walking fallWhen a loved one dies, a multitude of important and permanent decisions must be made within a few hours. The statement we hear frequently from survivors is, “I have no idea what they would have wanted or what I can afford.” Important decisions about final funeral arrangements are better made far in advance of need and in an atmosphere of quiet consultation.

Funeral pre-need planning eliminates confusion, uncertainty and unnecessary expense for the person who must make final arrangements. Pre-planning a funeral is a very special gift you can leave to loved ones who want to honor your passing. Pre-need funeral planning is also an opportunity for you to ensure that all of the arrangements will meet your wishes.

When the need arises, a single phone call by your pre-designated person will set the process in motion. Woodlawn Cemetery will make sure that all cemetery arrangements are in accord with your personal preferences.

Substantial Funeral Savings
Funeral pre-planning also provides financial benefit. At Woodlawn Cemetery, we offer pre-need discounts on graves, burial vaults, mausoleum entombment, monuments and markers — up to $500 per family.

Personalized Funeral Service
At Woodlawn Cemetery, you will meet with one of our Family Advisors who will help you in every phase of funeral planning. Your advisor will discuss the various burial, entombment and cremation options so that you can make an educated choice. You will also discuss the many special details that are so important. Family Advisors are available during our normal business hours or by appointment.

Schedule an Appointment with Woodlawn
For specific information on pre-need funeral arrangements, contact Woodlawn Cemetery 419-472-2186 or contact us for more information.

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