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Help support our effort to maintain the peaceful beauty we know at Woodlawn.Woodlawn Appeal thumbnail

We count on annual contributions to assist with the continued care and beautification of your cemetery.

The mission of Woodlawn is to provide the resources, support and education necessary to preserve, enhance and share the heritage, natural beauty and architectural significance of the historic Woodlawn Cemetery.

Donation Options


To assist with these efforts, we are requesting donations specifically for our trees. For a donation of just $400, we can plant a new tree in our cemetery and add it to our survey. For donations of $800, inscriptions recognizing the donor or in memory of a loved one will be added to our Tree Donor Memorial. With donations of $1,600 or $2,400, multiple trees can be planted with multiple loved ones added to our memorial.

Woodlawn is home to more than 208 confirmed varieties of birds found in the Toledo area, making the cemetery a popular place for birders to gather and observe. To enrich their experience, we have developed a plan that includes adding bird feeders and food for specific birds, developing butterfly and rain gardens, and adding perennial and annual plantings.

Donations of $50, $100, $150 or $200 will be directed to the bird programs, ensuring their sustainability and success.

The largest focus of our master plan, our lakes restoration efforts will have an enormous impact on Woodlawn, from our arboretum, birds and wildlife to the overall beauty of the grounds. If action is not taken, the condition of our weirs and silt reports will continue and the lakes could be lost.

As such, we have formed “The Lakes Fund,” with a goal of raising $600,000 that would be reserved for accumulating the financial resources needed to continue the development of our lakes and to be a source of matching funds for federal, state and/or municipal grants. The trustees have allocated an initial $50,000 to start the fund. We are seeking donations to cover the remaining funds.

Contact or send donations to our development office; or donate via PayPal

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1502 W. Central Avenue
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