Hugh Webb Hubbard

Hugh Webb Hubbard was born on September 27, 1889 to Wit and Mary Hubbard. Wit Hubbard was the president of the Wit Hubbard Lumber Company. The firm had been founded by Hughs grandfather in the 1850's.

Hugh was raised in Toledo and attended St. John's High School and College. During this time Hugh served as a member of the Ohio National Guard. In 1916, Hubbard was stationed on the Mexican border. The next year he served in D-Troop, First Ohio Cavalry. During WWI he was a member of the machine gun batallion of the 37th Division at Champ Sheridan, Montgomery, Alabama. Whilst in the army Hubbard proved to be an expert marksman who won many sharpshooting awards and medals.

After the war he attended St. John's College. He eventually left college and joined the family company. In 1921 his father died and H.W. Hubbard became president and treasurer. ("H. W. Hubbard, Lumber Firm President, Dies," NewsBee 9 April 1929). He was a member of the American Legion, the Issac Walton League, and the Fraternal Order of Eagles. He was also an experienced game hunter.

When he died of pneumonia on April 8, 1929, H.W. Hubbard left a wife, Mary, and two young sons. ("H.W. Hubbard is Pneumonia Victim," Toledo Times 9 April 1929). Hubbard had hoped to one day see his son, William, president of the family company. However, William was only eight at the time of his father's death, and three generations of family control ended.("H.W. Hubbard, Lumber Firm President, Dies.")

Thomas Hubbard

Thomas Hubbard was born in Ashtabula, Ohio, on July 11, 1859. [Toledo Biographical Scrapbook. (Hols-Hubb) Local History Room. Toledo Lucas County Public Library]. Thomas Hubbard entered the Western Reserve University Preparatory School in 1879. In 1880 he became a student at the University of Michigan. [Killits, John. Toledo and Lucas County, Ohio: 1623-1923. 3 Vols. (Chicago: S.J. Clarke Publishing Co., 1923). p.660]. He graduated in 1882 with a Ph.D and, inspired by the example of his uncle, Dr. John C. Hubbard, attended medical school at Western Reserve Medical College from 1882 to 1883. (Toledo Biographical Scrapbook)

In 1883 he continued his studies at the medical department of the University of Pennsylvania. Two years later he graduated with a medical degree. Hubbard then opened a practice in Ashtabula. In 1887 he was given the opportunity to study for six months at the University of Vienna, Austria. When he returned in 1888, he set up an ear, nose and throat practice in Toledo.

Hubbard was a pioneer using new medical discoveries soon after their discovery. This included intubation for membranous croup and the first use of the diptheria antitoxin in Toledo. After he left private practice he worked at several different hospitals. During his life he worked at the Toledo Hospital, St. Vincent's Hospital, Robinwood Hospital and Flower Hospital. Hubbard was a member of the American and Ohio State Medical Associations and served as President of the American Laryngological Association in 1913. (Killits, pp. 660-61).

He married Charissa Braves on September 4, 1889. He was also involved with the Adams Street Mission and a member of the Trinity Church. Thomas Hubbard died on .


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