Roy William Babcock

The Babcock family moved to Toledo prior to the Civil War, when much of the area was yet undeveloped. Roy William Babcock was born on March 19, 1892. He followed in his family's footsteps and also blazed new trails.

Babcock grew up in Toledo and attended grammar and high school in the city. After graduation he began his career in the milk business on his father's dairy farm but quickly established an independent operation named the Babcock Dairy Company. In 1919, Babcock built a major plant which was equipped for the pasteurization of milk and cream. The Babcock Dairy Company became the largest independent dairy in the country, utilizing forty-one employees. Babcock conducted his business along progressive lines creating a high degree of efficiency in management.

Babcock married Ruth Margaret Probeck on August 17, 1915. He served as president of the Toledo and Ohio Milk Distributors Associations and was a 32nd degree Mason. When Babcock died suddenly on July 4,1944, his son, Wayne Babcock, took over the dairy.

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