George Butler Storer

George Butler Storer was born on the first of January 1866 in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Early in his life his parents moved to Shelby where he began school. Eventually he entered college at Oberlin. When he graduated he returned to Shelby and began working with his father on the family business, the Shelby Milling Company. In 1888, his father retired from the business and George took it over. At this time George began the Twin City Ice & Cold Storage Company in Champaign, Illinois.

The city of Toledo sought out Mr. Storer to fill a vacancy in the office of the secretary of the Toledo Chamber of Commerce. Once he was running the organization, the city government was greatly improved. He took many of the separate departments and put them under his control. This helped to reduce duplication of services. Under his control the Chamber of Commerce began to participate in charity, education, and civic development. After four years he resigned to return to business. He became involved with the Standard Steel Tube Company of Toledo. He soon became President and General Manager. He would stay in that position until his death.

On March 16, 1887 he married Mabel Mozier. They had three children, Francis Louis, Martha, and George Butler, Jr. George, Jr. eventually gained prominence himself through the founding of WSPD radio and his interests in Oil.

Storer was also a lover of nature and a history buff. The two interests came together as he beautified Sentinal Point which had been known as Battery Point in the War of 1812. Storer Camp in Stony Lake, Michigan was named after him because of his strong involvement in the Young Men's Christian Association.

The groups he was involved with had nothing but praise for Mr. Storer at the time of his death on December 5, 1920. [John M. Klllits, ed., Toledo and Lucas County, Ohio 1623-1923, vol. 1 (Chicago & Toledo: The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1923), pp.232-236].


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